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For Jamis, passionate cyclists who strive daily to deliver products that get people of all ages, abilities and aspirations to love bikes and biking just as much as we do, it doesn’t get any better than that. Blame it on the economy and the accompanying back to basics mentality. Or praise public awareness of green issues and the value of low-impact lifestyles. But all of a sudden bicycles are a Very Big Deal. Everyday people—folks who haven’t been on a bicycle in years, if not decades—have rediscovered the thrill of cycling.


The bicycle is a marvelous invention, with an impact that is almost completely, one hundred percent positive. For individuals (exercise) as well as for the environment (reduced carbon footprint). A bike is one of the world’s most powerful instruments for change. We know because cycling forever changed our lives, and we’ve seen it change the lives of so many others. That’s why we want to make cycling converts out of everyone, and that’s why there’s a Jamis for nearly every cycling arena, for almost any rider.


It’s that passion for cycling and everything cycling can do that fuels and sustains our efforts to build the best possible bikes. It’s why Jamis builds category-defining superbikes that put professionals atop podiums at road races and mountain bike events. It’s why our computers are humming day and night crunching FEA data and carbon fiber lay-up simulations. It’s why we devote precious R & D resources to making even our kids bikes and cruisers as light and easy to ride as possible.


But we’re at this not just to build better bikes. We’re in this to build better lives, to make YOU better. That’s pretty heavy. It’s a lot to carry on two wheels. But that’s how powerful a bicycle can be. That’s why we’re committed to building the best bikes possible.


When people ride bikes, good things happen. Experience it yourself, on a Jamis.

Tern Bikes | Zen Bikes Brand Partners
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At Tern, we’re working to build a sustainable future based on a core belief that the bicycle—the ultimate high-efficiency vehicle—is central to that vision. Every action we take can be traced to this single, simple foundation. We build bikes with an eye to changing the way that folks get around the world. Our bikes bring together all the things people need to drive less and ride more. We named our company after a small, lightweight bird that mates for life and holds the world record for the longest migration.

A commitment to sustainability is central to who we are. Tern designs our bikes to be serviceable rather than land-fillable. And we are constantly searching for ways to reduce our impact, like minimizing packaging, specifying recycled cardboard, and reducing use of harmful chemicals like chromium. One of our favorite mottos: Aim high, then aim higher. We design products with an eye towards function and long-lasting durability. But we don’t mind that they also get recognition from top international design & innovation awards.

At home, Tern enables our own employees to bike to work with free bicycles, showers, and changing rooms. Further afield, we partner with municipal transit authorities to make it easier to carry bikes on public transportation. And we actively participate in cycling associations to support people who want to use bicycles as a healthier, greener form of transportation.

Tern choses to blaze new trails to bring you features that that make everyday biking more convenient and comfortable. Sometimes, that requires a little help from our friends. Twenty-four hours a day, in some part of the world, we are designing, testing, and riding our product.


At Marin, we believe life is better with bikes. Our brand was born in a cycling mecca, and we ride the same trails and routes that bred mountain bikes and many of the most prolific and innovative brands in our sport. At 30+ years old, we continue to have the same childlike fascination and obsession with bikes that brought us to this industry. We believe that bikes make us better people: healthier, more relaxed, and happier. It is our mission to get you on a bike, and to make sure that you have a good time doing it. To that end, we make a wide range of models, from exotic, full suspension, high tech rippers, to bike path cruisers. We’re committed to cycling’s wide range of disciplines. If you’re a hard-core mountain bike rider, or a casual cyclist, you’re like us and we’d like to go for a ride together.

Marin County California is the birthplace of mountain bike culture, and home to many of the people and places that have shaped the sport since those first informal, now-legendary, races down Mt. Tamalpais. Marin Bikes was founded in 1986 during the earlier days of mountain biking, and today offers a complete line of mountain, pavement and kid's bikes.

Bob Buckley took up mountain biking on the advice of his doctor, and soon found himself immersed in the sport and dreaming of a better bicycle. Teaming up with local enthusiasts, Buckley founded Marin Bikes to create affordable, quality bikes inspired by the burgeoning scene and ever-expanding trail network in the surrounding hills. Sunshine Cycles in Fairfax, CA served as the hub of local bike culture, and it was there that Buckley met Marin's first product manager, future National Champion and Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee Joe Murray. Dave Turner, later of Turner Bikes, was also instrumental in Marin's early product development.

The success of Marin’s first model, the Madrone Trail, turned heads and laid the groundwork for three decades of performance-minded mountain offerings. Two years after the company's founding, the 1988 Marin Team Titanium broke new ground as one of the industry's first mass-produced titanium mountain bikes. It was at this time that Marin began naming models after the iconic landmarks of Marin County: Muirwoods, Bolinas Ridge, Pine Mountain, Indian Fire Trail, Eldridge Grade and Hidden Canyon.

Taking early notice of a resurgence in pavement bikes, Marin introduced its first hybrid and road models in 1991, expanding the brand into new segments of riders including the now-explosive urban segment.

On the mountain bike technology side, Marin has long been a pioneer in full-suspension design—the 1993 Marin Titanium FRS incorporated early Manitou suspension components and weighed just 25 lbs. Jürgen Beneke piloted the Titanium FRS to a World Cup title that year, securing the Marin brand in the minds of the riding public with iconic graphics and a charcoal grey and anodized color scheme that remains a memorable part of the mountain bike palette. 

Throughout the '90s and 2000s Marin built a worldwide following through innovative, competitive bikes and successful sponsored riders. Hydroformed, monocoque and an increasing number of full-suspension models and the QUAD-link design, coupled with a greater emphasis on pavement bikes, had firmly entrenched Marin as one of the bicycle industry’s key influencers.

The past decade has been fruitful; Marin Bikes went through a renaissance under new ownership and management in 2013 and has fully overhauled the lineup, netting numerous awards from media outlets throughout the globe. The Wolf Ridge, utilizing groundbreaking Naild R3ACT – 2Play suspension technology took the mountain bike market by storm in Spring 2017, while the Hawk Hill garnered Marin’s second consecutive Editor’s Choice award from Bicycling Magazine.

The future for Marin is bright, with a competitive lineup of mountain, fitness/transit, drop bar and pedal-assist bikes.

Marin Bikes | Zen Bikes Brand Partners
Kona Bikes | Zen Bikes Brand Partners


At Kona, we're all about the freedom and empowerment of the bicycle. We have been since 1988. We still have the same founding owners. We're still populated by a staff of keen, active, impassioned cyclists. We're not big, nor are we that small. Just a dedicated group of cyclists making bicycles for people who love bikes-no matter if that love is new or long established.

Kona is 50% US and 50% Canadian owned. It is an independent company; no one owns us and we don't own anything else. We design all of our bikes from the ground up and visit the factories that make our frames and components and assemble our bikes in Taiwan every month while they are being produced. Bikes these days are a virtual United Nations (we have parts on our bikes made in Canada, China, France, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, USA) so it is almost impossible to get even half the parts on a bike from one country now. It is great to support your home country but the most important thing for Kona is to make the best bikes we can because our bikes are ridden by serious riders all around the world who expect nothing short of perfection.

Cinelli Bikes | Zen Bikes Brand Partners


Founded in 1948 by Cino Cinelli, an Italian road cyclist who became a professional racer between 1937 to 1944. Cinelli won the Milan–San Remo in 1943, the Giro di Lombardia in 1938, and the Tour of the Apennines in 1937.

Cino became interested in bicycle technology after experiencing mechanical failures during races. He began developing innovative new product designs, but failed to gain manufacturer support from others in the bike industry. So Cino partnered with his brother Giotto, who was producing steel stems and bars in Florence. He soon moved the company to Milan, which had become the center of the Italian cycling industry…and art.

In 1978, Antonio Colombo, owner of the world-renowned Columbus tubing, assumed presidency of the company, and in 1997 Cinelli became a division of Gruppo S.r.l. The company is still—to this day—run very much like a family business. And like all lovers of cycling, Antonio still very much enjoys riding bikes.

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Oyama provides the technology behind some of the biggest bicycle brands in the world. In 1998, we began making functional, convenient to use folding bicycles under our own Oyama label—sleek precision folders meeting highest quality and safety standards.

Great products enter the market in a steady stream these days, but enduring products are seen less and less. Since it takes more than a great product that provides sustainability, it takes character of the owner, and true vision. Oyama carries forth the essence of this and its long-term path is clear with the Wang family intimately involved in all aspects. Here is the Oyama story.

From humble beginnings the founder of Oyama, Mr. Wang has emerged as one of the leaders in the folding bike movement. The second oldest of 7 children, Mr. Wang left school early to help his mother support the family after his father, a farmer died at the age of 39 from pesticide poisoning.

The odyssey into the world of bicycle manufacturing started after Mr. Wang worked as an apprentice machinist. He had a natural talent for designing and creating products. So much so, that when he left to start his own business at the age of 18, his employer told him not to compete in the same field his boss was in. Cycling components is what caught Mr. Wang’s eye, he loves R&D, and so starts his historic rise in the cycling industry, later designing and creating complete bikes. Oyama has roots in China, and means Big Mountain in Chinese. Mr. Wang realized that as a young person he had to have an older appearance to be taken seriously, so he grew a moustache, which still adorns his face today.

Like so many businesses, Mr. Wang encountered challenges that forced him for a short time to close the business and return to the fields to earn money for his family. A difficult situation arose when Mr. Wang had quoted pricing to his customers according to the material costs he was originally quoted, but when it came time to manufacture, the costs more than doubled. He was in a real quandary. Fulfill the orders at the quoted price, and accept delivery from his supplier would put him out of business but be the honorable thing to do, or cancel his order and stay in business, but disrupt all the other businesses. It was a defining moment that would carve his character forever. He accepted the order and took care of everyone, causing him to return to the farm. Mr. Wang was rewarded for his integrity, when one day a client drove out by taxi to meet him at the farm and ask him to manufacture for him. The client gave Mr. Wang the money to restart his business because of his skill and character. Never again would the doors be shuttered at Oyama.

Mr. Wang decided to create folders because as a component manufacturer he would not be competing with the other complete bike manufacturers he was creating components for, and folders intrigued him. He saw them in Japan, but it was very rudimentary and he knew he could create something better. Now 30 years later, Oyama’s folders offer leading edge technology, with clear function and use for each model.

Today Oyama employs more than 650, with family members holding key positions in the company. Customers today honor the ever-humble Mr. Wang. As a company, Oyama stands for Integrity, Quality, and Authenticity.

Biria Bikes | Zen Bikes Brand Partners


As an international brand, Biria is committed to giving everyone the ultimate comfort and quality in riding bicycles. We have placed customer needs and satisfaction at the core of our business creed. Biria has its roots as a truly European brand. Having originated in Germany, Biria Bicycles became a popular brand in Europe with a flair for being both utilitarian and stylish. Biria Bikes USA was born in 2002 with the desire to bring bicycles to North America that captured the same spirit embodied in the most popular models being ridden all across Europe.


With versatile offerings, the company has grown its product mix by closely evaluating consumer needs. With the expansion of bicycle lanes across North America, the need for urban oriented bicycles became paramount. Biria Bikes expanded its offering to include a variety of City Bicycles with an upright riding position, electric-assisted bicycles, folding bicycles, a 20-inch mini commuter and a single speed track oriented street bicycle. Biria Bicycles are offered in a variety of colors.


Biria Bikes prides itself in being innovative, consumer focused, quality oriented and first to market with stylish bicycles that are fun to own. We are committed to providing the consumer various options in both color and frame design to satisfy your particular needs. Biria was born in Europe and brought to North America for your cycling pleasure! We strive to remain dynamic and innovative in every aspect of our business.


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