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  • Tern Node D7i - 2016

    It's hard to find a decent bike in shining armor these days. Let's face it: sometimes, we all want to be swept off our feet and carried around town. Tern knows it's… [more]

  • Tern Link C8 - 2016

    The Link C8 brings Tern's core technologies to a bike with an amazing price and even better ride. With a stiff 3D-forged handlepost, versatile gearing, and comfortable… [more]

  • Tern Node D16 - 2016

    Get connected to the urban cycling experience with Tern's Node D16, a no-nonsense, street-tough commuter that gets you from A to B, folds in a flash, and helps you… [more]

  • Tern Link D7i - 2016

    Trade in your car habit for Tern's commute-enhancing, no-parking-fee-required, Link D7i. The frame features lightweight aluminum construction and Tern's patented designs… [more]

  • Tern Verge P20 - 2016

    Whether the day calls for a fast, urban commute, or a lunchtime jaunt through the hills, Tern's Verge P20 is the go-to choice. The frame features lightweight aluminum… [more]

  • Tern Cargo Node - 2016

    The Cargo Node is a game changer for people who live in cities. Thanks to 350 lb of carrying capacity, big wheels, and an ultra-stiff handlepost, it's a full-sized cargo… [more]

  • Tern Swoop D7i - 2016

    Tern's Swoop D7i is all about taking the scenic route. With a lightweight aluminum frame and an easy-on/off step-through design, this folder bridges the gap between work… [more]

  • Tern Verge X18 - 2016

    Tern's Verge X18 provides genuine road bike performance and you can fold it in seconds to fit under your desk, too! It boasts Tern's lightweight aluminum construction… [more]

  • Tern Verge S27h - 2016

    The big, wide world starts right outside your door and Tern's Verge S27h is your golden ticket to exploring it in style. The frame features lightweight aluminum… [more]

  • Tern Link D8 - 2016

    Tern's Link D8 is your everyday travel companion, seamlessly integrating with your commute whether it's on and off the bus or train, or entirely on two wheels. The frame… [more]

  • Tern Eclipse P18L - 2016

    Chase down your fastest-ever commute—or the local group ride—on Tern's Eclipse P18L. No mere folding bike, this flat-bar road machine features a light, fast, aluminum… [more]

  • Tern Swoop D8 - 2016

    Tern's Swoop D8 is your ticket to happy, two-wheeled wandering. With a lightweight aluminum frame and an easy-on/off step-through design, this folder bridges the gap… [more]

  • Tern Eclipse S18 - 2016

    Tern's Eclipse S18 is no mere folding bike: It's an all-access pass to two-wheeled adventure! The light but sturdy aluminum frame features everything you would expect… [more]


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